Tradexic Description

Tradexic is a dubious application with few useful features. Instead, its operators are more interested in deploying the application and monetizing its presence on users' Mac systems through other, more intrusive, and questionable means. To be more specific, the Tradexic app is classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that is equipped with both adware and browser hijacker capabilities.

Adware applications cause annoying advertisements to appear on the affected device. The advertisements could be presented as pop-ups, banners, in-text links, etc., and could be made to appear as if coming from a legitimate and totally unrelated website. It is crucial for users to remember not to engage with any advertisements delivered by such shady sources. After all, it is quite common for adware to be promoting other suspicious PUPs, hoax websites, fake giveaways, phishing pages, shady online game platforms and more.

Tradexic's browser hijacker part will attempt to establish control over the Web browsers installed on the Mac. Its goal is to change several settings (homepage, new tab page, default search engine) to now open a promoted address. The involvement of a browser hijacker usually means that the promoted page belongs to a fake search engine. Fake engines do not generate search results on their own.

The user's search queries will instead be redirected to other engines. Sometimes they may be legitimate ones but there is also the possibility of the redirect leading to a dubious engine. In that case, users may be presented with inaccurate results containing multiple sponsored advertisements and links.