Type: Adware is a Mac virus with typical adware features that targets iPhone users. It operates through suspicious messages that appear to come from a friend or someone that the potential victim knows. However, these are spam messages that contain links to untrusty domains, so you should avoid opening them or clicking on any of their content. Technically,'s goal is to drive traffic to a specific domain (like hxxt://, for example) without the user's consent and generate advertising revenues for its operators.

Users affected by this scam should not interact by any means with this website or react to its messages because otherwise, the intrusive spam campaigns will become even more severe. Apart from that, exposes users to other known and unknown cybersecurity risks. Users who click on a dubious link provided by this website could land on a corrupted page and get infected with destructive malware like Trojans and Ransomware. These threats can cause data loss, financial losses, and theft of personal information. Additionally, the presence of an adware program like may damage your system and cause crashes, excessive memory use, a slowdown in performance, and other related issues.'s messages contain a text that looks legitimate:

'This is weird, but try it

I'm going to send you a

link that they just sent me.

DON'T open it until you send

it to 10 people. then open it

and you will see the person

that loves you the most. But

first you have to send

it to 10 friends, if you don't,

nothing will show up: It's


Who was ur person?'

Yet, you already know that these messages are part of a fraudulent scheme for promoting unsafe websites that can inflict severe damages to unsuspecting users. It is recommended to use a reliable anti-virus application to completely clean up your device from this Mac virus and from any other similar Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), which cause possibly harmful pop-ups and redirects.

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