TheSearchMaps application may try to present itself as a convenient tool but, in reality, it operates as a browser hijacker tasked with promoting a fake search engine. There are countless deceptive applications such as this one that try to install themselves unnoticed. To achieve their purpose, they employ questionable distribution techniques, such as bundling and hiding inside fake software installers or updates. That is why they also are all classified as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

Being a browser hijacker, TheSearchMaps will try to establish control over the user's Web browser. It may modify the homepage, new tab page, the default search engine or a combination of the three settings. Afterward, the promoted page will be opened every time the user starts the affected browser, opens a new tab, or tries to search for something via the URL bar.

The page promoted by TheSearchMaps is It is a fake search engine that cannot deliver results by itself, as it simply lacks that functionality. All user searches will be taken and redirected through a legitimate engine -, in this case.

Generally, users should avoid keeping PUPs on their computers or devices. After all, these intrusive applications also are known for possessing data-collection capabilities. It is not uncommon for PUP to harvest the entire browsing history, search history, clicked URLs, geolocation, IP address and more. The information could then be uploaded to a remote server where the operators of the specific PUP can exploit it in a variety of ways.


TheSearchMaps may call the following URLs:


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