The Themida application is a tool used mainly by software developers. This application serves to obfuscate code. This makes it far more difficult to reverse engineer a program, which helps developers protect their intellectual property. However, despite this application serving as a useful tool for well-meaning developers, it also has got on the radar of cybercriminals who have found ways to utilize its features.

It would appear that cyber crooks are using the Themida application to obfuscate their threatening creations to evade detection by various anti-malware tools. This would make their hacking tools far more effective and powerful. Furthermore, the fact that the code of the threat is obfuscated makes it far more difficult for cybersecurity analysts to dissect the hacking tool and study it. Even if they are not utilizing the Themida application, most experienced cyber crooks will make sure to obfuscate their creations, as this would further weaponize the threatening tools. The longer a hacking tool remains undetected on a compromised host, the more damage it is going to do to the system. However, legitimate and frequently updated anti-malware tools are likely to spot unsafe applications even if their code is obfuscated with the Themida application or a similar program.

Normally, the Themida application is a fairly expensive service. However, cybercriminals have found a way to work around this – there are cracked versions of the program circulating the Web, which are being distributed free of charge.

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