The tBrains browser extension is classified by infosec researchers as an intrusive PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that is capable of acting as both adware and a browser hijacker. The application is targeted at Mac systems and can attach itself to several of the most widely used Web browsers - Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. The application may ask users to allow it to make changes to their Web browser, as well as access documents and data.

If tBrains is fully deployed on the system, it could abuse the received browser permissions to change the default search engine, cause unwanted redirects, and display intrusive and questionable advertisements. Users also risk being taken to dubious destinations, where they could encounter phishing tactics, fake giveaways, offers to install additional PUPs disguised as legitimate software products and more.

PUPs also are notorious for spying on users' browsing activities. The intrusive applications could access the browsing and search histories and exfiltrate the acquired data to their operators. Furthermore, some PUPs also could upload sensitive device details or even banking and payment details extracted from the browser's autofill data.

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