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Ranking: 18,142
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 54
First Seen: August 22, 2022
Last Seen: August 12, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows is a dubious website propagating a phishing scheme. The goal of the page's operators is to trick users into divulging sensitive personal information or account credentials. The site asks users to complete a short survey to win a certain reward. Depending on the specific scenario, users may be promised a reward, such as a gift card or an expensive device (smartphone, MacBook Pro, etc.). What exactly the site claims to be offering as a reward doesn't matter, as it is simply a fake hook to get users excited. The same also is true for the prominently displayed message claiming that there is a way for users to become millionaires by the end of 2022, via an entirely online career.

When the unsuspecting visitors complete the survey, they are likely to be redirected to a different website. The typical behavior for this phishing scheme is to now ask users to provide information, such as their names, phones, email addresses, home addresses, etc. Some may even try to convince users to pay a bogus 'shipping' or 'administration' fee to receive the non-existent reward.

Falling into the traps of such fraudsters could have serious consequences. The unscrupulous operators of the may exploit the collected credentials to compromise any associated email or social media accounts. They could then assume the identity of the user and ask its contacts for money, spread corrupted links, etc. It also is possible for all collected information to be packaged and offered for sale to any interested third-party.

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