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'' Pop-Ups

'' pop-ups is a deceptive website that targets Apple users predominantly. Using alarming, manipulative, and outright fake messages, it tries to trick its targets into downloading a promoted application. Researchers have, so far, cataloged three different scenarios being run by '' pop-ups. The first two are fairly similar. They try to scare Apple users by saying that their devices are infected with an unspecified Trojan that has already managed to inflict a certain percent of damage to the device's memory (whatever that may mean).

Furthermore, users are told that private details such as accounts, payment details, and photos will be leaked to third-parties. None of the statements made by '' pop-ups should be given any serious attention, as they are all fake. After all, no website can run a malware scan. The third scenario employed by '' pop-ups doesn't try to incite panic into visitors to the site. Instead, it offers to protect their digital privacy better through the promoted application.

In most cases, these deceptive websites are tasked with pushing some barely functional PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) to the unsuspecting users. However, the application promoted by '' pop-ups called Norton Secure VPN & Proxy VPN is perfectly legit and available on the Application Store. Still, users who want to give the application a chance should go and download it from the official store and not through a link found on a dubious third-party website.


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