'System Files Altered' Pop-Up Scam

'System Files Altered' Pop-Up Scam Description

The 'System Files Altered' pop-ups are associated with a tactic that tries to trick users into buying a subscription for an undeeded, dubious, or fake service. The main strategy of these pop-ups is to display deceptive messages and alerts about fake or non-existing malware, Trojans or suspicious software.

The pop-ups could try to add legitimacy to their otherwise fake claims by pretending to be coming from a reputable source. In one instance, the site has been observed to claim that Avira has detected a Trojan present on the user's device. Users should keep in mind that Avira is in no way connected to these untrustworthy messages and that no website can perform a malware scan on its own. Other false messages that the 'System Files Altered' pop-up scam could show include claims about suspicious software found on the device or that important system files have been modified without authorization.

Even if the products promoted via schemes and other similar questionable means are legitimate, users should abstain from following the shown instructions. Instead, if you are genuinely interested in the application, visit an official source and not a random website that you landed on while browsing.