Threat Database Adware SuccessAdvanced


SuccessAdvanced is another dubious program that tries to sneak its way into users' Mac computers. The goal is to then run an intrusive advertising campaign, while also taking control over the installed Web browsers, and forcing them to promote a sponsored address. This behavior coupled with the deceptive distribution methods is one of the most typical characteristics of a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

The advertisements generated by a PUP should be approached cautiously. They may display various clickbait messages in an attempt to lure users into clicking on them. Afterward, the advertisements may redirect to shady third-party websites that could include online hoax pages, phishing pages and more. 

The browser hijacker functionality, on the other hand, will modify several browser settings, such as the homepage, new tab page and the default search engine. All affected settings will be set to open an unfamiliar address, usually, one belonging to a fake search engine. Fake engines are incapable of producing results. They will take the user's search queries and redirect it through a legitimate engine (Yahoo, Bing and Google).

However, the biggest red flag is that nearly all PUPs are equipped with data-harvesting routines. The application could be tracking the users browsing activities while siphoning the entire browsing and search histories. Additionally, specific device details might also be monitored and uploaded to a remote server. 


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