SubVideo Tube is an untrustworthy application that employs deceptive marketing techniques to distribute itself without attracting the attention of the user. Methods such as bundling or pretending to be an updater for a popular software product are among the most widely used by these applications. Cybersecurity researchers designated all applications that rely on such deceptive tactics as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

Generally, PUPs are not capable of harming the infected computer or device directly. They, however, will attempt to monetize their presence by running intrusive advertising campaigns or taking control over the user's browser and forcing it to open a promoted address, most likely that of a fake search engine. The generated advertisements and the forced redirects could act as a gateway for additional PUPs or take the user to compromised websites running phishing tactics or, in the most threatening scenario, attempting to drop serious malware threats.

SubVideo Tube may be associated with exactly such PUPs that could use it as a vehicle to enter the user's computer exactly.


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