'Stopped processing incoming emails and PDF attachments' Email Scam

'Stopped processing incoming emails and PDF attachments' Email Scam Description

Deceiving emails usually involve the dissemination of thousand of bait emails that try to convince unsuspecting users into visiting a specially crafted phishing page. The fraudsters' goal is to obtain the user information such as account credentials, banking details, etc. The 'Stopped processing incoming emails and PDF attachments' email scam follows that pattern exactly.

Users receive lure emails designed to appear as if they are being sent by Microsoft. The emails claim that this is a final warning after which Microsoft will stop processing any incoming emails to this account and as well as any attached PDF documents. The only way to resolve this fake and non-existent issue, apparently, is to update your Microsoft account by clicking the 'Update New Version' link provided in the email. 

Users who click on it will be taken to a fake Microsoft login page that asks for various personal details. The phishing portal requires an email address, phone number, as well as the user's Skype credentials. All entered information will then be scraped and sent to the con artists. 

The operators of the tactic can then exploit the obtained user data to log into misappropriated accounts and access personal files, carry out targeted attacks, try to breach additional accounts that reuse credentials or offer the collected data for sale to third parties that might include cybercriminal organizations.