Threat Database Browser Hijackers 'StandartProduct will damage your computer' Message

'StandartProduct will damage your computer' Message

StandartProduct is an adware that can load advertisements through the user's browser and redirect their searches to unwanted websites. StandartProduct may use installation methods that bundle it with fake or misleading updates for software like media players. Users should treat StandartProduct as a security risk, avoid unnecessary exposure to its advertisements, and remove StandartProduct with compatible anti-adware programs.

A Download that's not as Standard as Appearances Suggest

Users who trust in the superficial appearances of downloads from strange websites tend to accumulate unintentional software. Even macOS users are at risk from social engineering tactics for depositing any number of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) and threats like Trojan downloaders. Case in point: StandartProduct and its many relatives, adware products with tactics and Trojans for distribution channels.

All members of StandartProduct's family use Adload Trojan downloaders for their installation routines. This Trojan usually is 'invited' onto the computer unintentionally after the user downloads a misleading file, such as a fake software update for a media player. Although Adload occurs on multiple operating systems, StandartProduct is specific to the macOS, much like its relatives, such as Analyzerwindow, ExtendedSprint, OriginalModule and Unithandler.

As per malware researchers look at this adware, there are many symptoms associated with StandartProduct, including intentional features and unintended side effects:

  • StandartProduct can launch pop-ups and insert advertisements with 'Ads by StandartProduct' tags in multiple browsers, such as Safari and Chrome.
  • StandartProduct can reset the user's default search engine and homepages to an affiliate website.
  • StandartProduct may cause warnings from macOS security features. These pop-ups usually come in a format resembling 'StandartProductd will damage your computer.' The extra 'd' in the name is a known characteristic of this adware family.
  • Ironically, StandartProduct also may block the user's loading websites due to improper network settings changes for its advertisements delivery system.

Adware isn't illicit, but malware analysts do consider StandartProduct a security risk. Most users shouldn't hesitate to uninstall the adware by appropriate methods (see below for recommendations).

Reconsidering the Products Attached to Web Browsers

Users should have little hesitation about taking standard security features at face value. Adware like StandartProduct may not directly attack users but they load content that can include other tactics, phishing attacks that collect credentials, or exploits that deliver more threats to an already-vulnerable computer automatically. The numerous campaigns from StandartProduct's family also point out that even the latest versions of Apple's OS hardly are invincible.

Users can avoid threatening downloads by sticking to official company websites and curated application stores for their software. Due to the media player theme of StandartProduct's installation tactic, malware experts emphasize avoiding illicit movie downloads and streams, including dedicated websites and file-sharing networks like torrents. illicit downloads, while free of monetary costs, always include risks of downloading more than is intended.

Some security services may need updates for identifying recent variants of StandartProduct's family and other Adload payloads. Users who keep their anti-adware solutions in up-to-date states will have the best chances for deleting StandartProduct before it causes any trouble.

There always is a price to wanting something for free, even if the expense is hiding out of sight. Adware like StandartProduct gets their money from users by hacking away at their browsers' security, which is far worse than paying for a movie.


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