Threat Database Malware Sppextcomobjhook.dll


The SppExtComObjHook.dll file is often deployed as part of or associated with software tools designed to circumvent the licensing of legitimate software products. Such activation tools include KMSPico, AutoKMS, Re-Loader, KMSAuto and potentially more. These programs can activate MS Windows or Office products making available their full set of features without users having to pay the necessary fees. Typically, anti-malware or security solutions will detect the activities of such intrusive software tools and alert users that the SppExtComObjHook.dll is a potential threat. 

Apart from the fact that using such tools to unlock licensed software is illegal, users also risk having their computers infected with malware threats of all types. After all, these 'activators' often require users to disable their anti-malware program not to interfere with the actions of the tool. This is a perfect opportunity for any malware threats injected into the application to be delivered to the system and executed. 

Various Trojans, RATs, infostealers, ransomware, or crypto-miners could be dropped onto the user's device, depending on the particular goals of the cybercriminals. Users could lose access to their files after the data has been encrypted with an uncrackable cryptographic algorithm or have their account credentials, baking information, payment details, and other sensitive information compromised and made available to the attackers. 


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