Snopy Ransomware

Snopy Ransomware Description

The Snopy Ransomware is a new crypto locker threat that aims to infect users' computer systems, lock the files stored on them with uncrackable encryption, and extort money for their potential restoration. Although Snopy has been classified as nothing more than another malware variant belonging to the Xorist Ransomware family, its destructive capabilities shouldn't be underestimated.

All files affected by the threat will have '.snopy' appended to their original names as a new extension. When the encryption process has concluded, Snoopy delivers its ransom note in the form of text files named 'HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt.'

Users affected by the Snopy Ransomware are instructed that if they want to receive the necessary decryption key or tool from the hackers, they will have to send a ransom amounting to $20 to the provided wallet address. The transaction, however, must be made using Bitcoin, arguably the most popular cryptocurrency. After transferring the money, victims are told to a specific link found in the ransom note. In the case that victims do not have the requested amount, they are directed towards establishing communication with the hackers by following a different link.

The full text of the Snopy Ransomware's note is:


All of your Files are encrypted with RSA-2048 ciphers

Decrypting of your Files is only possible with the Private Key.

To receive your Private Key You have to pay about $20 bitcoin

In this wallet: 3Ed44Tk7tbZLyue5CrneiActjtYzf4xLhw

After the payment is completed, go to this link:


If you do not have the money to pay

please go to this link and contact me:


dont worry all files are safe.

!!! Your personal id:'

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