Threat Database Phishing 'SMTP/Sendmail Service is Disabled' Email Scam

'SMTP/Sendmail Service is Disabled' Email Scam

Cybercriminals have unleashed another phishing tactic that involves the dissemination of deceptive lure emails. The goal of the fraudsters is to obtain the email login credentials of their victims. With that information, they can assume control over the account and use it to expand their reach to any social media or other accounts created using the email. Ultimately, the con artists can use the compromised accounts to send malware threats to their respective contact lists, spread disinformation, or simply package all stolen info and offer it for sale to third parties.

The lure emails of this campaign are presented as security notifications with a subject similar to 'SMTP/Sendmail Service is Disabled' until you confirm ownership.' They try to convince users that their email accounts have been restricted. Supposedly, to unlock the full functionality again, users must verify their ownership by clicking on the 'Verify Owhership' button found in the malicious emails. Pressing the buttons opens a phishing portal disguised as an email login page. All account credentials entered into it will become available to the fraudsters.

When dealing with such seemingly important alerts or notifications delivered via email, users must remain calm. None of the claims made by the 'SMTP/Sendmail Service Is Disabled' email scam are true. The con artists simply rely on such scare tactics to put pressure on their victims.


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