Threat Database Mac Malware 'Skillformatd Will Damage Your Computer' Message

'Skillformatd Will Damage Your Computer' Message

Skillformat is an intrusive piece of software that only bothers macOS users. A Windows version is yet to be discovered. But macOS users should certainly be careful with this Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). While it does not appear to possess threatening properties, it may impact your system's behavior in a negative manner. Some users report that they encountered a 'Skillformat Will Damage Your Computer' message every few seconds, therefore being unable to use their computer comfortably. Apart from this, Skillformat may apply changes to Web browser settings by replacing their search aggregator, homepage, or new tab page.

While the number of macOS threats is very short compared to Windows, there are still plenty of PUPs targeting Apple's operating system. This is why macOS users need to take appropriate measures to keep their systems secure by investing in additional anti-virus software that would deter programs like Skillformat before they get a chance to cause any trouble.

If you are seeing the 'Skillformat Will Damage Your Computer' message, you should run an anti-malware scanner that will identify and terminate this PUP's files immediately.


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