SkilledInitiator Description

If you notice an application named SkilledInitiator among the installed programs, then you have adware present on your Mac. It is not surprising that in the majority of cases, users cannot recall ever installing such an application. After all, dubious products such as this one rarely sit and wait for users to discover, download and install them willingly. Instead, they proliferate themselves by employing various underhanded practices. 

The most popular one is known as 'bundling.' When users download and initiate the installation of a desired freeware application, unbeknownst to them, hidden under the 'Advanced' or 'Custom' settings may be another entirely unrelated program. This tagalong application will already be selected and delivered to the system unless the user unchecks this option manually. Applications that rely on this and other similarly deceptive tactics are classified as PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

So are the consequences of having SkilledInitiator present on your Mac. For starters, users will experience a drastic increase in the displayed advertisements. The advertisements generated by SkilledInitiators could begin to overlay the content that users are trying to view. Furthermore, engaging with the adverts could be a risky action. Users could be taken to questionable third-party pages running online schemes, trying to offer them other PUPs, etc.

However, the biggest red flag that usually remains hidden in the background is the PUP's ability to harvest data from the browser. This is a common behavior associated with PUPs. They track and collect data such as opened sites, conducted searchers, clicked URLs, IP addresses, geolocations and more. All the obtained data will then be transmitted to a server under the control of the application's operators.