Security Toolbar

Security Toolbar (Security Toolbar 7.1) is a nasty toolbar that has the ability to hijack your browser and redirect it to malicious websites that promote corrupt anti-spyware applications. Security Toolbar is notorious for unauthorized self-installation and transmission of additional parasites onto your computer. Security Toolbar will also pop-up large amounts of non-existent threat reports, in hopes of tricking you into buying a rogue anti-spyware application. If a computer user does not succumb to its offers, Security Toolbar may download and install a trial version of a certain rogue anti-spyware application that will also bombard the desktop with fake warning messages. Immediate removal of Security Toolbar is strongly recommended.

Toolbars are very common among many web browser applications. The scrupulous creators of Security Toolbar use that commonplace expectation to trick computer users into clicking on various buttons found on the interface of Security Toolbar. By clicking on buttons found on Security Toolbar it then send users to unwanted sites that may be designed to specifically market, distribute and sell malicious applications. Security Toolbar should be detected with a spyware removal application to ensure it does not cause further issues.

File System Details

Security Toolbar may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. bgwttyl.dll
2. dxovx.dll
3. gtawclv.dll
4. iesuninst.exe
5. isamonitor.exe
6. pmmon.exe
7. psndz.dll
8. vgibz.dll
9. zpuwriz.dll
10. afzdbl.dll
11. cqsfk.dll
12. fdpzgi.dll
13. iesplugin.dll
14. isamini.exe
15. lrnjnzf.dll
16. pmuninst.exe
17. ugofuq.dll
18. wzhtjqo.dll
19. securitytoolbar.exe
20. cfqbw.dll
21. dyrwls.dll
22. gusur.dll
23. isaddon.dll
24. khtbpdl.dll
25. pmsngr.exe
26. tkrsw.dll
27. vjxwnn.dll

Registry Details

Security Toolbar may create the following registry entry or registry entries:

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