Description is the address of a dubious website that is being used to run various tactics. The most common scenario displayed on is targeted towards iPhone users. Upon landing on the website, visitors will be presented with an alarmingly sounding warning message. According to it, the user's iPhone has been infected with multiple unspecified viruses. Although no information about the supposed threats is given, the site claims that the user phone, SIM card, and files can be damaged, blocked or deleted. To prevent this disastrous outcome, users are urged to download and install the application promoted by And this is the main purpose of the website - to push suspicious applications that more often than not are barely-functional PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). 

Users should ignore all of the claims made by and all websites virtually identical to it. None of the presented information is true, as no website is capable of performing malware scans on its own. All of the fearmongering messages are there to scare the potential targets into installing the endorsed app. Having PUPs present on your device can lead to various security risks. PUPs are known for causing forced redirects to dubious websites or delivering unwanted and intrusive alerts that when clicked upon could also take the user to suspicious third-party pages. 

Keep in mind that even if the application promoted by and all the similar websites is a legitimate one, you should still download and install it from the official App Store.