Description is a deceptive website that targets Apple users and attempts to scare them into installing a promoted application. There are numerous misleading websites that are identical to in functionality virtually. They all present their visitors with false claims that a malware threat has been detected on their iPhones or other Apple devices. However, users should keep in mind that no website is capable of performing a malware scan on its own.

Among the other fake claims made by is a warning that the user's device has been infected with not one or two but 129 different viruses. The threats have managed to hijack the Calendar application, damage the battery, and are in the process of collecting the user's photos. To stop these nonexistent threats, the targeted user is pushed towards installing an alleged adBlocker and virus protection tools.

Nearly all of the applications promoted through this scheme setup are barely-functional PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) designed to either run intrusive advertising campaigns or to track the user's browsing data. Even if the endorsed software is a legitimate program, users should still download it from the official App store and not from a misleading website.