Search Symphony

Search Symphony is classified as a browser hijacker. The application appears to be leveraged against Mac users mainly. As all browser hijackers and other dubious applications, Search Symphony doesn't wait for the users to download and install it willingly, as that is extremely unlikely to happen. Instead, it employs various underhanded tactics to spread without its installation being noticed by the user. This deceptive behavior serves as a basis for Search Symphony also being classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

Once inside a Mac system, Search Symphony will waste no time in taking control over the user's Web browser. The application will go after several settings in particular - the homepage, new tab page, and the default search browser. The goal is to set all three to open a promoted page. Afterward, whenever the browser is opened, a new tab is started, or a search is conducted via the URL bar, it would generate artificial traffic towards the sponsored page. Browser hijackers are typically used to promote dubious search engines and this one is not an exception, as it promotes its own address. Results promoted by such questionable engines cannot be trusted. Furthermore, the list of results may have sponsored advertisements injected into it.

Arguably, the biggest red flag associated with browser hijackers and PUPs is that usually, these applications possess data-harvesting capabilities. Users risk having their browsing activities monitored, packaged, and then uploaded to a remote server. The operators of the application can then exploit the gathered data, as they see fit - either by themselves or by offering it for sale to third parties that may very well include cybercriminals. 


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