Search Daemon

Another dubious application is targeting Mac users and trying to sneakily infiltrate their computers. This particular PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) is named Search Daemon and is classified as a browser hijacker. It is capable of affecting all of the mainstream Web browsers - Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and more.

Indeed, users will notice that their Web browser's homepage, new tab page, and default search engine have all been set to now open an unfamiliar new page. Typically, browser hijacker applications, such as Search Daemon are tasked with generating as much artificial traffic towards a fake search engine as possible.

Fake engines take the user's search queries and redirect them through other engines, either a legitimate one such as Yahoo, Bing, and Chrome, or a dubious engine that will deliver inaccurate results filled with sponsored advertisements. The ad links could lead to shady or suspicious websites where users could encounter various online tactics. These deceptive sites also may try to convince their visitors to download a promoted software product, usually yet another PUP. PUPs are predominantly spread via such underhanded or misleading tactics. They rely on users failing to notice that an additional application is going to be installed on their computers or devices.

Finally, users have to take into account the possibility that their browsing activities might be tracked. PUPs are notorious for possessing data-collection capabilities. These intrusive applications can be programmed to collect various device details (IP address, geolocation, browser type, and more), as well as the entire browsing history, clicked URLs and conducted searches.


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