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Script Ransomware

Script is classified as a ransomware threat used by cybercriminals to encrypt data and extort its victims in exchange for a decryption tool. The Script Ransomware works by appending the '.Script' extension to filenames, changing the desktop wallpaper, and creating a ransom note file called 'read_it.txt.' For example, it will change '1.png' to '1.png.Script,' '2.pdf' to '2.pdf.Script,' and so on. Research has revealed that Script is part of the Chaos Ransomare family, making it particularly threatening and difficult to remove from an infected system.

Script Ransomware's Demands in Detail

The Script Ransomware leaves victims with a rather bizarre ransom note instructing them to contact '@r.sgfs' on Telegram for decryption. No other details are mentioned, which could be an indication that the attackers behind the threat may be inexperienced. Choosing to use Instagram as a communication channel is an extremely uncommon option, as it can easily be monitored by Law Enforcement Agencies. If requested, Instagram may provide information about the attacker to the police. In general, victims of ransomware attacks should try to avoid paying cybercriminals. Doing so doesn't guarantee that all of the impacted data will be restored, not to mention that the money could be used by the hackers to fund their next threatening operation.

How to Stop Attacks by Threats Like the Script Ransomware from Impacting Your Devices

Backing up your data regularly is essential when it comes to protecting yourself from ransomware attacks since it gives you a way out if you ever experience an attack. Making regular backups gives you a copy of the data that isn't affected by the encryption so that you can recover it if necessary.

Another crucial step in preventing ransomware attacks is to keep all of your systems up-to-date with the latest patches and security updates. This also applies to any installed anti-malware software. The sooner you patch any vulnerabilities in your system, the less likely it will be targeted by evil-minded attackers.

The full text of the ransom note left by Script Ransomware is:

'Chaos Virus !

contact me on instagram : @r.sgfs , to decrypt your file'

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