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Some Windows users may notice an unfamiliar process named rsEngineSvc running in the background of their computers. The process is not a component of the Windows OS and is not essential for the normal operations of the device. Instead, it is likely related to a third-party application, in most cases, an anti-malware solution. The full name of the legitimate process could be 'Reason Security Engine Service,' 'Reason Security Engine,' or 'Reason Core Security Engine Service' and it belongs to software products released by the Reason Software Company.

However, malware creators often disguise their threatening tools, as a way to avoid being detected. If you notice that the Rsenginesvc.exe file on your system is displaying suspicious characteristics, it may be wise to inspect the process more thoroughly. Check its installation folder, size and certificate. While it is active, also take notice of the system resources it occupies.

If Rsenginesvc takes up a sizeable portion of the CPU, GPU, or RAM resources of the system, it may be a harmful implant with crypto-mining capabilities. Crypto-miners are malware threats designed specifically to overtake the hardware capacity of infected systems and then use the resources to generate coins of a specific cryptocurrency (Monero, DarkCoin, etc.).

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