Noticing that a process named 'Rovwer.exe' is active on your computer is not necessarily a reason to suspect the presence of a threatening intruder. Indeed, the process is most likely associated with a perfectly legitimate application. However, it is always a wise move to inspect any item that you do not recognize. Check the software tools related to the process and its location. Inspect the hardware resources it takes up and see if they are outside of the expected. If you confirm that 'Rovwer.exe' is responsible for an exorbitant amount of the CPU or GPU output of the system, it is highly likely that it is a threatening process belonging to malware, such as crypto-miners.

These malware threats are designed to hijack the hardware resources of the breached system and utilize them to mine for a chosen cryptocurrency - Monero, DarkCoin, etc. The limited amount of free resources left as a result of the crypto-miners activity could not be sufficient to support the normal operations of the device's OS. Users may start to experience frequent slowdowns and freezes. In some extreme cases, the system may even suffer critical errors, causing immediate restarts and possible loss of information that has not been saved.

At the same time, the constant utilization of the hardware components could have an impact on their expected lifespan. Furthermore, excessive heat could begin to build up if the system's cooling system is not strong enough. If a component overheats, it could stop working and potentially get damaged permanently.


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