The Settings panel (1) offers several ways to customize the operation of RegHunter.


  1. Email (3) - If you are a registered user or a trial user, enter the email address that you used to register RegHunter. This address can be found in your confirmation email.
  2. Password (4) - Enter the password that you were given when you registered RegHunter. Your password can be found in your confirmation email.
  3. Activate Now! (5) - In order to activate the full version (or trial version) of RegHunter, you will need to enter your registered email and password, and then click the "Activate Now!" button to activate your account. If your RegHunter login information ever changes, you will need to repeat the activation process.

General Configuration:

  1. Language (6) - Click on the drop-down arrow to choose your language preference.
  2. Hide splash screen (7) - When this checkbox is checked, RegHunter will not display a startup splash screen when opened.
  3. Automatically check for updates (8) - When this checkbox is checked, RegHunter will automatically contact the Enigma Software Group servers to check for the availability of new program and definitions updates each time it starts.
  4. Start RegHunter on startup (9) - When this checkbox is checked, RegHunter will be configured to automatically load each time you boot your computer.
  5. Start RegHunter Scan on startup (10) - When this checkbox is checked, RegHunter will automatically start and begin scanning your machine each time you boot your computer.
  6. Minimize RegHunter on startup (11) - When this checkbox is checked, RegHunter will start minimized, visible only as a taskbar icon. RegHunter's real-time protection features will still operate at full capacity.
  7. Only Delete Files in Windows Temp folders that are older than 24 hours. (12) – Selecting this checkbox will prevent RegHunter from deleting files that have been added in your Windows temp folder that are newer than 24 hours. It is strongly recommended to leave this option checked, so RegHunter does not interfere with newly created temp files that are actively being used by running processes and/or installations.
  8. Show Drivers tab in Startup section (advanced users only) (13) - Selecting this checkbox will display a "Drivers" Tab in the Startup panel's Autostart Apps section. The Drivers tab will allow access to disable, enable or remove system drivers, which could adversely affect basic operations of the computer. It is recommended that only advanced users utilize this function.
  9. Quick Scan: Disable browser activity scan (14) – This checkbox is selected by default, which enables a quick scan method while disabling browser activity scans for additional speed. When unchecked, RegHunter will default to performing a thorough scan in addition to scanning browser activity details, which may return additional results.
  10. Automatically (do not prompt) transmit diagnostic information (15) - By selecting to "Automatically (do not prompt) transmit diagnostic information" you will allow RegHunter to send diagnostic information to our technical support team. This information will allow our support staff to evaluate any issues that may occur from the operation of RegHunter and provide solutions. By selecting to "Ask each time (prompt) to transmit diagnostic information", you will be asked before any transmission of diagnostic data begins. If you select "Do not (not recommended) transmit diagnostic information", then the technical support team may not be able to provide a solution to a pending issue.
  11. Restore RegHunter to default settings. Click here. (16) – By selecting “Restore RegHunter to default settings”, you will restore all configurable settings back to their original state when RegHunter was first installed. This is an easy way to reverse any customizations you may have made to RegHunter.