RegHunter 2 User Guide


Welcome to RegHunter!

RegHunter is a new product that Enigma Software Group, USA LLC (ESG) has brought
to fruition through several years of research and development in not only successfully helping computer
users to remove and detect harmful spyware, but from solving other countless computer issues that root from
a system's registry. We have listened to and taken into consideration all of our consumer-based feedback.
Thus, we are able to release our latest addition to the ESG family of PC software to provide computer users with
an integral solution to deep rooted system issues originating from the Windows Registry.

The Windows Registry is a complex structure that contains sets of instructions and configuration settings for
virtually all aspects of a PC and its software. RegHunter is exclusively designed to not only check for registry
problems, but also to provide computer users with a wide array of utilities to optimize and ultimately repair their PC.

Please click this link to visit the "Getting Started" Section of RegHunter's help
file, which will get you started detecting and repairing registry issues in just minutes.

If, at any time, you need additional assistance in any matter related to RegHunter, please do not hesitate to 
contact our technical support department!

For more in-depth information on the advanced features of RegHunter, please explore the additional sections of
this help file, which can be reached through the table of contents.

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