Autostart Apps

RegHunter has an integrated auto-start control panel within the Utilities menu (1) that allows advanced users to remove embedded malware manually and troubleshoot Windows startup errors. All components configured to automatically start at Windows boot are listed in the Autostart Apps section (2) of the Startup panel.

WARNING: The auto-start control panel is intended for advanced users. If you do not have advanced knowledge of Windows startup programs, please contact our support department for guidance in using this feature.

Autostart Apps are separated into the following category tabs:

  • Startup - Lists components in common Windows startup locations.
  • AutoPlay - Lists AutoPlay specific components.
  • Internet Explorer - Lists Internet Explorer specific components that automatically load at startup.
  • Other - Lists other miscellaneous components that load automatically at startup.
  • Services - Lists Windows Services that automatically load at startup.
  • Task Scheduler - Lists all scheduled tasks that automatically load at startup.
  • Print Monitor - Lists all print monitor components that automatically load at startup.
  • LSP Chain - Lists components incorporated into the Winsock Layered Service Provider chain. Disabling or removing items from the LSP chain can potentially break your computers Internet connection.
  • Files - Lists file-based auto-start components, from autorun.inf files on all drives.
  • *Drivers - Lists drivers that automatically load at startup. This option is recommended for advanced users only. To display the Drivers tab, you must click the "Show Drivers tab in Startup section" checkbox in the Settings panel.