Threat Database Browser Hijackers

The website claims to host a 'reliable' and 'safe' video player free of charge that any user can download. However, this application is neither reliable nor safe, and it has been identified as unwanted and potentially harmful. The shady site contains a few pages that appear to be hosting updates for the Adobe Flash Player – a very popular application that many users have installed on their systems. To make their website appear more legitimate, the operators of this shady page have chosen a domain name that is meant to look trustworthy. Despite the claims of the operators of the website, rest assured that this page does not host any valuable content, and it is best for visitors to ignore the site's offers simply.

Avoid Updating Your Software via Third-Party Websites

Countless cyber crooks and other shady actors online opt to use bogus Adobe Flash Player updates and downloads as a propagation method to spread their dodgy creations – both PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and threatening software. Cybersecurity analysts warn users against updating their software using third-party websites as this can end up harming their system's safety and their data's security. Instead, make sure you apply updates from the application's official website only. This will go very far to ensure your safety online.

The operators of the website seem to be targeting users whose systems are running OSX mainly. However, it is not only Mac users who may fall prey to this dodgy page as its creators also go after Windows users. Users who come across the website are advised against engaging with any of its pop-up windows or other alerts. It is best to close the website immediately and avoid visiting it in the future as it would not offer you any content of value. To ensure the safety of your system, you should run a scan using a reputable anti-virus solution that would detect any potential issues or threats.


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