Quick Online Recipes

Quick Online Recipes Description

Type: Adware

The Quick Online Recipes is a browser extension that tries to attract users pretending to have the ability to quickly and conveniently find relevant food recipes, as well as access various other cooking-related content. Such functionality is definitely useful but, unfortunately, the application also carries extensive adware capabilities. Indeed, it seems that the Quick Online Recipes is focused on generating monetary gains for its operators via the delivery of numerous, intrusive advertisements to users' devices.

Although adware, browser hijackers, and other PUPs are not considered malware and do not represent any direct danger to the computers they are installed on, users should not underestimate the risks that the presence of such applications carries. First, the delivered advertisements could impact the user experience severely and act as constant distractions and a disruptive factor, preventing the normal use of the device.

More importantly, the advertisements delivered by such unfamiliar and unproven sources are highly likely to promote questionable and even unsafe destinations and software products. Users may be presented with advertisements for technical support or phishing schemes, fake giveaways, shady betting platforms, adult websites, more PUPs disguised as seemingly legitimate applications, etc.

PUPs also are notorious for carrying data-harvesting functions. These unwanted applications may silently monitor the users' browsing activities by collecting their browsing history, search history, clicked URL, IP address, geolocation and more. In some cases, PUPs have even tried to extract and exfiltrate sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, banking details, credit/debit card numbers, and more, by attempting to access browsers' autofill data.

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