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QuickLookSearches is an intrusive application that causes problems for both macOS and Windows users. It is usually installed through software bundles, fake downloads, or misleading advertisements. As the name of QuickLookSearches suggests, the application may pretend to be a helpful utility meant to enhance your online searches. However, QuickLookSearches does not offer any functionality of this sort and, instead, the only thing it is designed to do is to manipulate your Web browser's settings.

The changes that this Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) wants to bring concern the default search engine and new tab page your browser uses. They might be replaced by a low-quality, 3rd-party site, which is unlikely to work reliably. Reverting this change manually might be impossible since QuickLookSearches will automatically replace the search engine and new tab page if they have been changed.

To keep software like QuickLookSearches away from your macOS or Windows machine, you should remember to avoid interacting with suspicious files and online content. Furthermore, it is a good idea to invest in 3rd-party security software, which will automatically remove software like QuickLookSearches before it gets a chance to cause any trouble.


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