Threat Database Adware QuestSearch


By GoldSparrow in Adware, Mac Malware

QuestSearch is a Mac application that may mask itself as a helpful utility or a useful service. However, neither is true. The QuestSearch application is an adware program that will reduce your browsing quality by bombarding you with unwanted and irrelevant advertisements.

The QuestSearch application is likely propagated with the help of free software bundles or misleading advertisements. The goal of the QuestSearch utility is to inject advertisements on every website you browse. This often ends up making browsing the Web page and viewing the site’s content rather difficult and frustrating. The QuestSearch application is likely to plant pop-up advertisements, large banners, flashing alerts, hyperlinks in text, and other advertisements on the websites you visit. The advertisements associated with the QuestSearch adware program are not trustworthy, and you are better off ignoring them.

If you think you have installed an adware program like the QuestSearch utility on your Mac, we would advise you to use the services of a reputable anti-malware tool to detect and remove the application in question.

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