Threat Database Adware SmartQuestSearch


By GoldSparrow in Adware

The SmartQuestSearch application is a Mac utility that may appear more useful than it actually is. Cybersecurity researchers have identified the SmartQuestSearch utility as an adware program.

The SmartQuestSearch adware program is likely distributed via freeware bundles that contain dodgy software. If the SmartQuestSearch adware program has been installed on your Mac computer, you may have noticed an increase in the number of advertisements you come across while browsing the Web. This is because the goal of the SmartQuestSearch tool is not to provide you with a useful service but to bombard you with advertisements whenever you are using your Web browser. The advertisements, which are associated with the activity of the SmartQuestSearch adware program, may come in various shapes and forms, including pop-up windows, annoying alerts, big banners, hyperlinks in articles, video advertisements, and others. Utilities like the SmartQuestSearch tool may promote unsafe, low-quality services and products, so you should avoid clicking on the ads displayed by the program.

If you are viewing ads spawned by the SmartQuestSearch adware program, it is best to scan your system with the help of a genuine anti-malware tool.


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