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Qone8.com Image 1There have been reports of a PC threat designed to force computer users to visit Qone8.com repeatedly. Other characteristics associated with these PC infections include unauthorized changes to the victim's settings, pop-up windows and unwanted advertising. These kinds of PC infections are known as browser hijackers. In the case of Qone8.com, browser hijackers associated with this website will usually take the form of a web browser toolbar that is installed by the victim's themselves, believing that they are installing a harmless extension for their Web browser. Typically, browser hijackers associated with Qone8.com are acquired from compromised freeware programs, and while it is possible to opt out from their installation, many computer users fail to do so. If you are experiencing Qone8.com redirects, ESG malware analysts highly commend using a strong anti-malware program to scan your PC and remove these unwanted symptoms.

Web traffic is a very valuable commodity due to the fact that it can often be monetized into advertisement revenue. In other words, marketers can benefit from directing computer users to visit a particular website if that means that they will be open to several advertising strategies which may include sponsored search results, banner advertisements, and affiliate marketing links. In fact, low quality search engines like Qone8.com can be quite lucrative, which has meant that these kinds of scams have increased quickly in the last couple of years. Typically, browser hijackers associated with Qone8.com force the victim to visit Qone8.com by displaying this website in pop-up windows, changing the infected Web browser's predefined websites to Qone8.com, and redirecting the computer user constantly to this low quality search engine.

Preventing Malware Infections Associated with Qone8.com

The vast majority of web browser hijacker infections, including those associated with Qone8.com, are usually Web browser extensions or toolbars that are installed by the computer user. Often, these will be bundled with freeware programs with the option (often concealed) to opt out from the installation. Because of this, it is possible to prevent PC threats associated with Qone8.com simply by avoiding the download of freeware programs from third party sources and always using custom installation to ensure that every component being installed is actually a part of the freeware program and not web browser toolbars and other software used to fill the bill at the expense of the computer user.

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Technical Information

File System Details

Qone8.com creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size MD5 Detection Count
1 %TEMP%\is1693454730\20721177_stp\cor_ar_qone8.exe 457,296 3c9c391e565d6a7418964c9e9d146cd9 37
2 %TEMP%adks_ar_qone8_20131022.exe 702,616 31db95190350a91470bca5127fec0e9a 30
3 %TEMP%\Phx4127\vtt_ar_qone8.exe 424,528 b8c108b48f291173d3de1bff6ea2b56b 23
4 %TEMP%smt_qone8.exe 888,984 b1be1561a302ae5908dd69a015ecd21a 23
5 %TEMP%\{B08DC632-3BE2-45D1-A73A-73C06B6EE4C4}\Addons\wpc_ar_20131012172031_qone8.exe 421,456 21968065cd48171cf3e9fe33c55fa57e 14
6 %TEMP%\is-AC9F3.tmp\package_qone8_installer_multilang.exe 408,624 e598ebb8c0dc9edf57f5f9f8c28e6877 12
7 %TEMP%\nsmE938.tmp\ild_qone8.exe 888,984 980ccefcebb1aeafd34267267ba65183 6
8 %TEMP%adks_ar_qone8.exe 461,392 696dc71934afecc7413f7fec93b2b926 4
9 %TEMP%qone8installer.exe 424,528 f06c4455c740b192fd37cee9501327f2 4
10 %TEMP%\tmpFB59\mp3_qone8.exe 888,984 11271d10e988edbdffcc937c4e2bd25f 4
11 %TEMP%adks_qone8.exe 888,984 bdc4686f840441d462c3eed3b7d7c6d5 4
12 %TEMP%\TempDir\sien_qone8.exe 888,984 d4a1e11f2c16e035d687c151837b9593 4
13 %TEMP%\nsz788F.tmp\nsb3_ar_qone8.exe 459,344 095885a3b8aa1e7cd720cd255fd17109 3
14 %TEMP%\nsx1F17.tmp\nsb1_ar_qone8.exe 458,320 efb1f32dd41328d1fb689508d4d0e51e 2
15 D:httptart.qone8.com 15 d06d75f844c89f7e7b91c3adba34821c 2
16 %TEMP%amt_qone8.exe 1,070,744 ba4658ada2bfbbf0b8403af61b560552 2
17 %TEMP%\nsd4D1C.tmp\nsbit_qone8.exe 888,984 29704641833251ed1eeafe28b4fd3e5d 2
18 %TEMP%\PhxD365\vtt_qone8.exe 564,336 738a9e07b789b14cf23e5055ddb06e26 2
19 %TEMP%amt_ar_qone8.exe 409,680 21e42d4b206dc4f6a0ba76a5d608d11a 1
20 %APPDATA%qone8.exe 694,864 a121f96bc4546ffba72f24efbf36dd3e 1
21 %TEMP%\Java7.exe\a2888d717e3a465f98560a2182cad379\software\tugs_qone8.exe 454,808 c3731247baaa29d326b442691240ae80 1
22 %TEMP%\LILA5E7.tmp\bdo_qone8.exe 564,336 bbc23d8a54088f73bf661ca2d5bdb654 1
23 %TEMP%\is-8CM7H.tmp\uni_qone8.exe 888,984 e9e372746138a307ca2b4f8963dc3d00 1
24 %TEMP%\nsd44F0.tmp\nsbes_qone8.exe 564,336 9e9ac9eed092e4eb79f427f09adb195b 1
25 q8.exe 401,576 4921338fbeb51f3f5c8f4307970456cc 0
More files

Registry Details

Qone8.com creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
Registry key
Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStorage\qone8.com
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\cekcjpgehmohobmdiikfnopibipmgnml
%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\cekcjpgehmohobmdiikfnopibipmgnml
qone8 Browser Protecter
qone8 uninstaller
File name without path
Regexp file mask
%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox\browser\searchplugins\qone8.xml
%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins\qone8.xml
%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Mozilla Firefox\browser\searchplugins\qone8.xml
%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins\qone8.xml

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