Punisher Ransomware

Punisher Ransomware Description

The Punisher Ransomware is a newly detected malware threat that has been unleashed in the wild. Generally, Punisher acts in the manner expected from a ransomware threat - it aims to infect the chosen system and then runs an encryption routine with a strong cryptographic algorithm. As a result, users will find themselves unable to access any of their files stores on the breached device. A rather uncommon aspect of Punisher is that the threat doesn't modify the names of the files it encrypts and instead leaves them intact.

The ransom note with instructions for the victims is presented as a pop-up window. The message warns users against restarting or turning of the compromised device as that could lead to critical OS (Operating System) errors. To receive the decryption key (password) needed to restore the locked data, users are expected to send $200 worth of Bitcoins to the provided cryptocurrency wallet. The pop-up also shows the total number of encrypted files and the time remaining to enter a valid password.

The full text of Punisher Ransomware's note is:


All of your files have been infected.

  • Don't try to turn this off, it's infeasible.
  • Don't try to turn off your computer, your computer will be a mess afterward
  • Don't try to brute force the password, it will be just a waste of your life.

Send 200$ worth of bitcoins to:
Infected files:
Time left:

Enter the valid password to decrypt:'

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