Threat Database Adware

If you see a message on your desktop saying that you need to click an 'Allow' button to watch a video, download a file, or pass a Captcha test, you should not do it. It is almost certain that it is a trick very well-used on the Internet by misleading websites to be allowed to use the notifications feature of your Web browser. is one such website. It can't protect your machine in any way. Instead, it can redirect computer users that click on the countless advertisements it displays to unsafe places.

There's no harm in keeping on your computer. However, you need to remember that adware-laced applications of this kind can perform annoying actions, such as changing your homepage and search engine, collecting information from your browser, leading you to malware-laced Web pages, interfering with your browsing due to the advertisements it displays and much more.

If you are being affected by advertisements and want to get back to your normal browsing it is better to remove from your computer. The easiest way is by using an anti-malware tool.


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