Threat Database Browser Hijackers is a dubious domain that is designed to generate monetary gains for its creators by delivering unwanted and intrusive advertising materials. The main targets of the website appear to be iPhone users as one of the techniques employed by it creates new Calendar events. also can present deceptive advertisements, carry out push-notification tactics, generate intrusive pop-up windows, etc. when users land on it.

Usually, no one goes to websites such as willingly. The main culprits for the redirects leading there are other suspicious websites visited by the users previously or the presence of a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) application on their device. PUPs are spread through misleading distribution practices that are designed specifically to hide the installation process of the application from the user.

The activities of can diminish the normal experience of using the affected device severely. More intrusive Calendar events will continue to be added every couple of hours. Interacting with them or any of the advertisements presented by the tactic website could expose the user to various security risks such as landing on phishing or tech support tactics, suspicious domains promoting PUPs, dubious adult pages and more.


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