Description is a dubious website created to deliver unwanted and intrusive content. Its main targets are iOS users who rarely land on websites such as willingly. Instead, they are taken there either through forced redirects initiated by previously visited websites or due to the presence of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) on their devices.

The PUP in question is classified as a browser hijacker and it can affect all of the popular browsers - Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. It will establish control over the browser and modify certain settings to open the sponsored address, mainly the homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine. On iOS devices, however, the browser hijacker also has the functionality to inject intrusive events into the Calendar app without permission from the user. New events will be added every couple of hours which can affect the normal use of the device severely.

These Calendar events, alongside any other ad materials generated by the PUP, should be treated as potential security risks because they can take the user to unsafe third-party domains through forced redirects. It is not uncommon to land on phishing pages, fake surveys, tech supports tactics, websites promoting additional PUPs, etc.

It is strongly recommended to immediately remove any PUPs from your device as most of them are also capable of harvesting and exfiltrating sensitive user data such as browsing and search histories, IP addresses, geolocation and more.

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