ProgressBoost is another intrusive application belonging to the AdLoad adware family. Following the typical behavior of the Adload family, the application also is targeted at Mac users, and its main goal is to generate monetary gains for its operators via intrusive and annoying means. Users should keep in mind that most adware, browser hijackers, and PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) in general are rarely distributed via normal means. Instead, they rely heavily on questionable tactics, with two of the most commonly encountered being shady software bundles and fake installers/updates. 

Once activated on the user's Mac, ProgressBoost is likely to start generating numerous, unwanted advertisements. The sheer number of the delivered advertisements could have a detrimental effect on the user experience on the device. More importantly, the advertisements could act as promotional materials for untrustworthy destinations, such as fake giveaways, phishing portals, technical support or phishing tactics, etc. The advertisements also may try to convince users to install additional PUPs, by presenting them as genuinely useful applications.

At the same time, adware and other PUPs could perform additional actions that remain hidden from the users. Indeed, these applications are infamous for possessing data-tracking functionalities. While active on the system, they may monitor users' browsing activities, collect the browsing history, search history, device details, and other sensitive information and transmit it to their operators. 


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