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By ESGI Advisor in Malware

Privacy.exe is a malicious executable file that is associated with an adware threat and its underlying Trojan infection. Privacy.exe, in particular, is linked to the Privacy Protection malware infection, caused by a Trojan hailing from the Russian Federation. In order to remove manually the Privacy Protection infection, it is necessary to stop the Privacy.exe file process through the Task Manager. However, ESG security researchers do not recommend removing this infection manually. There are several reasons, which will be discussed below. At its core, the Privacy Protection malware infection is composed of the Privacy.exe executable file. This executable file is also associated with fake defragmenters, a category of malware that is designed to emulate a legitimate security program or a computer optimization application. In reality, these kinds of malware infections are designed to take over the victim's computer system and then charge the victim for a useless 'full version' or license to use it, while actually being the motive of nearly all of the problems themselves. To get rid of any malware associated with the Privacy.exe executable file, ESG security researchers recommend using a reliable, fully-updated anti-malware program for automatic removal.

Why Automatic Removal of Privacy.exe is Better than Manual Removal

There are several reasons why ESG security researchers recommend the automatic removal of the Privacy.exe executable file, rather than manually getting rid of this malicious invader. Some of these include the following:

  1. While it is possible to manually stop the Privacy.exe file process in the Windows Task Manager, this will seldom work. This is because malware associated with Privacy.exe will often have a self-defense mechanism that prevents the victim from accessing Task Manager or most anti-malware software for that matter. To bypass this, ESG malware analysts recommend starting up your computer system in Safe Mode. This will prevent malware from launching automatically on start-up.
  2. Removing the Privacy.exe executable file manually carries with it the risk of re-infection. This is because modern malware can be quite complex, and there will often be multiple components giving support to the Privacy.exe malicious file or ready to download and install another copy. Automatic removal will take of all components associated with a malware threat, while manual removal will only remove the Privacy.exe file.
  3. Malware associated with the Privacy.exe file will often be associated with a rootkit infection and a variety of Trojans that accompany the Privacy.exe file. Removing the Privacy.exe file will do nothing to stop other malware threats from taking over your computer system.


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