PrimaryProcesser Description

PrimaryProcesser is a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) designed to attack Mac computers. This Mac virus has both adware and browser hijacker features, making it quite versatile in infected devices' activities.

PrimaryProcesser generates advertising pop-ups regularly, and they are delivered straight to the user's screen. At the same time, this PUA promotes a fake search engine by modifying some crucial browser settings. Namely, it replaces the regular address of the homepage, default search engine, and new tab with the URL of the fake search tool that it is supposed to push. As a result, the users land on some unknown website each time they open their browser, while their online queries are redirected through other unknown third-party pages. The affected browser settings can be reverted to their normal values only after PrimaryProcesser has been completely removed from the Mac computer.

All products and services advertised by PrimaryProcesser can impose substantial damage to Mac users. The advertisements and banners can lead to potentially corrupted websites that spread malware and other PUAs. Additionally, undesired applications like PrimaryProcesser collect user browsing and personal data, such as visited addresses on the Internet, IP addresses, geolocations, search terms, log-in details, etc. The malware operators behind this Mac virus then sell the gathered information to third-parties, so the risks for the victims' privacy and data are immense.

As most other PUAs of this type, PrimaryProcesser most likely infects computers through 'bundling' – it is included as an additional offer in other programs' installation setup. You can prevent downloading such drive-by apps by choosing the 'Custom'/'Advanced' installation option and decline any apps or tools that seem suspicious. Primary Processer can be removed from a Mac computer through a professional anti-malware program.

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