Ploutus-I Description

Ploutus-I is a malware threat that appears to be targeting banking institutions in Latin America. The specialized targeting of Ploutus-I looks to be a task to leverage the abilities of ATM malware that could seek out banking systems that eventually allow hackers and cybercrooks to steal money.

The details of Ploutus-I from computer security experts have revealed that Ploutus-I has been around since 2013 but has continued to evolve and home-in on specific targets. Such targets have become Latin American banks where Ploutus-I may initiate cyberattacks.

The associations of Ploutus-I have been traced by Ocelot and Metabase Q, which are leading security firms in Latin America. Their discoveries have enabled others to take heed to the warnings of Ploutus-I, in addition to advising computer users to utilize an antimalware resource to safely eliminate Ploutus-I on a system.