Picprosto.click is another dubious page trying to take advantage of the legitimate push notifications browser feature. The site relies on clickbait and manipulative messages in order to mask its true intentions. Indeed, under various false pretenses, users will be directed towards pressing the displayed 'Allow' button and unknowingly subscribing to the site's push notifications. Afterward, the page will be able to deliver numerous annoying and untrustworthy ads to the users' devices.

Typically, scam pages such as Picprosto.click are not opened intentionally. Instead, users encounter them as a result of forced redirects caused by rogue advertising networks. The unwanted redirects could also be triggered by intrusive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that might be lurking inside the device. In the case of Picprosto.click, cybersecurity researchers also found the page being promoted via a link disseminated through spam email messages.

Once opened, the page will show a message similar to:

To open the picture, click "Get access" and in the window that opens, confirm the action by clicking "Allow"!

However, users may encounter other deceptive messages as well. After all, these dubious pages can sometimes adapt their behavior based on certain factors such as the user's IP address, geolocation, browser type, etc.

Any ads generated by unknown or unproven sources should be approached with caution. They are likely to promote untrustworthy destinations that may include more scam pages, phishing schemes, fake giveaways, suspicious adult-oriented platforms, and more. Users can also be presented with enticing offers for seemingly useful apps that turn out to be little more than disguised PUPs.


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