is a deceptive website designed to propagate tactics targeted at users in the Apple ecosystem. This particular website has been observed to carry out two distinct schemes, both trying to convince the unsuspecting user to download a promoted application. This is a popular tactic for propagating various adware, browser hijackers, and other Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).

The first method employed by is to attempt to scare users into downloading the promoted application. The website displays a bogus message according to which numerous malware threats have been detected on the user's device. The unspecified threats have somehow already managed to infect and damage the device's battery, and, if not stopped, the consequences will be even more severe. Users should remember all such claims are false completely and totally, as no website can conduct a scan all on its own. This is just a cheap ploy to cause the user to panic and then install the conveniently suggested application without paying too much attention to it. The other version presented by simply claims that installing the promoted application will help users continue to browse the Internet safely.

In some cases, the delivered application may be legitimate but users should still download them from the official App Stores and not through dubious websites.


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