Pegasus Malware

Pegasus Malware Description

The Pegasus Malware is a modular threat that was developed by an Israeli business called NSO Group, known for its creating threats and putting it for sale on the Dark Web. The Pegasus Malware attack used three unpatched vulnerabilities on iOS to enter a device and install a monitoring application. The Pegasus Malware also attacks Android devices. By using the Pegasus Malware, the attackers can register the pressed keys, listen to calls, read the users' emails and messages, take screenshots, collect the users' contact list and browser habits and much more. The Pegasus Malware is so powerful that it can even collect the users' messages even before their encryption or read them after their encryption since it has a keylogger feature.

A recent attack of the Pegasus Malware targeted the social media application What's Up by exploiting a vulnerability that is already patched, but that allowed the attackers to install the Pegasus Malware on the targeted devices. The objective of this attack was the same: collect information about the devices' users, their localization, read their private messages, and similar

This is why What's Up is asking its users to apply the flaw's patch as soon as possible, to avoid been infected with the Pegasus Malware.

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