'Peaschsecureus.com' Pop-Up Scam

'Peaschsecureus.com' Pop-Up Scam Description

'Peaschsecureus.com' Pop-Up Scam ScreenshotThe 'Peaschsecureus.com' pop-up scam is a deceptive website that targets Apple users. Using manipulative tactics and outright false claims tries to either scare or bait users into installing a promoted application. It should be noted that users normally do not land on websites such as 'Peaschsecureus.com' willingly. Instead, they are brought there through forced redirects caused by either a previously visited website, clicking on dubious banners, or by an adware application lurking inside the user's device.

So far, infosec experts have observed three different scenarios being carrying out by the 'Peaschsecureus.com' pop-up scam. The first one attempts to scare the user by implying that their browsing, Web traffic, and IP address might be visible to third parties. To remedy the situation, the site urges its visitors to encrypt their connection by downloading and installing the promoted application. Another 'Peaschsecureus.com' variant tones down the fearmongering but remains still as fake as the previous one. It tells users that their browser might not be able to display visited websites correctly unless they download the promoted application.

In most cases, similar websites are tasked with distributing dubious PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). 'Peaschsecureus.com,' however, is so far promoting an application called Harbor VPN - Secure Connection, which is available on the official application Store. Although this means that the application itself is legitimate and shouldn't represent a security risk, users who want to try it out should do so by installing it from the official store and not through an intrusive third-party website.

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