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Parad1gm Ransomware

The Parad1gm Ransomware is a threatening file-locker that may often be spread under the disguise of a document, software installer, game crack, or another piece of software that users are likely to encounter through advertisements or torrent trackers. If the Parad1gm Ransomware is run on an unprotected system, it may have a chance to cause significant damage to the victim's files and prevent them from accessing their contents. The end-goal of the Parad1gm Ransomware is to prevent the victims from accessing important data, and then offer to unlock their files in exchange for a ransom payment.

The Parad1gm Ransomware appears to be linked to a popular ransomware family known as the DoppelPaymer Ransomware. Unfortunately, variants of this threat are not decryptable for free, and their victims are often unable to recover fully from the attack. If you believe that the Parad1gm Ransomware has locked your files, then you should try to get them back via free data recovery tools – however, you should know that these recovery methods may not always work well.

The Parad1gm Ransomware's attack is easy to recognize because the victims of this ransomware will be unable to use their documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, archives and other files. In addition to this, the files that the Parad1gm Ransomware corrupts will be renamed to include the '.parad1gm_readme' extension. Another noticeable change linked to the Parad1gm Ransomware's attack is the creation of countless ransom notes that have the same name as the locked file. For example, if you had the file 'invoice.xlsx,' there will be a ransom note called 'invoice.xlsx.parad1gm_readme.txt' in the same folder.

The ransom message is short and asks victims to message or for additional details. We can guarantee you that getting in touch with the attackers is useless because they will not help you for free, and paying for their services is out of the question certainly. Do not forget that co-operating with cybercriminals is unlikely to end well for you since you may get tricked easily. The recommendation is to use an anti-malware tool to remove the Parad1gm Ransomware, and then resort to the data recovery options mentioned above.


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