Panda Stealer

Panda Stealer Description

Panda Stealer is a vicious type of malware that is currently growing in popularity and known for its ability to target cryptocurrency. Panda Stealer can efficiently spread through spam email attachments and Discord links where it may be disguised as a legitimate source using phishing techniques. Such techniques may hide Panda Stealer within a XLSM file where it launches malicious macros that essentially load the Panda Stealer threat on the affected computer.

When loaded on a system, Panda Stealer may attempt to detect data that is associated with cryptocurrency transactions and then collect such information, which may include login credentials to certain cryptocurrency accounts. Bytecoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum are all among the cryptocurrency targeted by Panda Stealer at the current time. However, Panda Stealer is suspected to be reprogrammed to target other cryptocurrencies in the future.

In looking at the Panda Stealer threat, it appears to be a newer variation of the Collector Stealer threat, which was once available as a free tool over the Internet and possibly the Dark Web. The perpetrators behind Panda Stealer have not been identified as of yet but could uncover themselves as Panda Stealer continues to propagate.

Those who mine cryptocurrency should beware of the Panda Stealer threat and take the proper precautions to avoid the attack by Panda Stealer. Additionally, if one suspects the installation or attack of Panda Stealer, they will want to promptly utilize the proper antimalware tool to detect and safely remove Panda Stealer from their system before their cryptocurrency mining actions are infiltrated.