'PancakeSwap Giveaway' Scam

'PancakeSwap Giveaway' Scam Description

The 'PancakeSwap Giveaway' page operates a scam where visitors are tricked into believing that the amount of CAKE cryptocurrency coins they contribute will be doubled and sent back to them. Of course, this is just another variant of this popular online scam and the users who decide to participate will receive nothing but financial losses.

The address of the scam page - 'pacnackewsap,' is a misspelled variation of the original PancakeSwap URL address. The intention of the scammers is clear as they are hoping that people who type in the wrong address will find themselves on the scam page instead. Here, visitors will be presented with a typical fake giveaway scheme.

Under the pretense of boosting the adoption of the CAKE cryptocurrency, the dubious page claims to be distributing up to 1 million CAKE coins. Participants are told that they can make a one-time contribution of between 150 and 100, 000 coins with the promise that they will afterward receive double the sent amount. At the current price of the cryptocurrency, the range of the supposed contributions runs from $800 to $538, 000. Of course, these values are likely to change as most cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and prone to sharp swings up and down the chart.

It is worth reiterating that any amount of coins sent to the scammers will simply be stolen while users will be left with nothing in return.