OSX/NewTab Description

Mac users tend to fall into the trap of false confidence when it comes to security measures. Mac computers are rather safe systems, but they are far from impenetrable, and anyone who believes that they are is playing a very threatening game. An increasing number of malware creators are taking an interest in developing threats for the OSX.

Promotes Potentially Unsafe Content

Cybersecurity researchers have spotted a new malware targeting Mac computers, the OSX/NewTab. This threat is not a very complex one. Its goal is to infiltrate the Safari Web browser and launch new tabs in the windows that the user has opened. When categorizing malware, experts tend to put applications like the OSX/NewTab in the PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) category. However, PUPs tend to advertise a particular website or redirect the user to a certain search engine, which is not what the OSX/NewTab malware does. The OSX/NewTab threat is likely promoting dodgy, or even potentially unsafe content such as bogus download pages, phishing websites, etc.

Propagation Methods

It would appear that the authors of the OSX/NewTab threat are utilizing different infection vectors to distribute their threatening creation. Researchers have reported that the OSX/NewTab threat is often masked as a useful application, a browser extension, or an official document, which is meant to attract the user’s attention. It seems that the creators of the OSX/NewTab malware are experimenting with new propagation methods and find the most effective way to spread this nasty threat.

If you suspect you may have become a victim of the OSX/NewTab malware, we would recommend you to run a scan on your system using a genuine security tool. Mac users need to realize that their computers are susceptible to malware, just like regular PCs. This is why it is very important to keep all your applications up to date. Furthermore, Mac users should consider investing in a reputable anti-malware application certainly, which will keep their computers secure and make sure they do not need to worry about cyberattacks in the future.

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